The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

Harvest Fest

Harvest Fest has become a yearly tradition for our family. Where else can you go in 10 degree weather to get candy inside? OK, so there are a lot of places, Freddies, schools etc., but at our Church you can see a lot of your friends and family and play some games. Last year I wore my sweet mullet, this year I wore a ball cap, it was cold out. My favorite costume had to be Ty. He looked awesome as a type of Alfalfa geek, complete with black slacks and white socks. Only he could pull it off. 

We did the typical old person thing, ran the kids around for the first 1/2 hour and let them play games and use up all their tickets; then we sit in the old peoples corner at the tables enjoying the chaos and watching pastor Ryan run around all night long. Good times I tell ya. The good news, even with a couple hundred people in there it wasn’t any louder than my house on Saturday morning, usually when I am trying to sleep in. 

The boys pre-harvest. Can you feel the love?

This is one old looking cowboy. 

Two angels / fairies and Snow White? 

Overview of Harves Fest. Note the old peoples section OPS central, that is my stomping ground. I was glad to see some newbies in there with us. People realizing their maturity and facing it head on; Ty, Niki, Ryan, Greg, Phil… the list goes on and on.

Greg hanging out in the OPS. Doesn’t he kind of look like a giant? He is a giant in my mind. It looks like

he let Amaya use his face cream. He is such a giver.

I am angry with myself! More than usual. I did not get a full length picture of Ty, so this is the best I can do. My costume of the night award and I do not have a photo. Unacceptable. At least I got a shot of Larry Boy!

If there was someone I felt bad for all night, other than myself, it was that donkey. That poor donkey had to walk around the same route over and over. Not only that, no one thanked the donkey, no one fed the donkey, and they all rode it all at the same time. I dare say that perhaps there was a poopy diaper or two on the donkey’s back throughout the night. It is time the donkey had a voice. Just look at him, is that the face of a happy donkey? I think not! Will you give to Save a Donkey or S.A.D? Please leave checks blank and just give em to me when you see me. At least three zeroes are encouraged.

Now this wasn’t a costume, but it was just too cool for school so I had to put it in. Jake loves the katar, as he calls it. He is very confident in his katar abilities and he assures us it is because he “practices” a lot. Watch out Santana ( couldn’t think of another great katar player of the top of my head)


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