The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

Mad Skillz2

That is my B-boy name. For the older crowd, my beat box name. My b-box skillz are legendary in these parts. By these parts I mean my house, or more specifically my office when all the kids are in bed and I am working on my stocks. However, the guy on this video has some decent tonez. Not quite like mine, but decent. His charisma is lacking a little, so I would like to see him sell himself a little more, relate to the audience, tell them a story with not only his sounds, but his body and soul. Let them feel the saliva, I mean story behind the muzik. His bling is decent and his accent makes him sexy, so hopefully he will read this blog and instead of being defensive, accept this constructive criticism and grow from it. I am free on Tuesday night if he needs some pointers. Until then, please for you to enjoy. 






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