The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

What fall?2

So did you enjoy your fall? Yeh, I think we missed it to. In fact, we had signed up to have the youth at our church rake our yard, the problem is they would have to rake with snow shovels. It snowed and snowed and snowed again before they could. Anyway, Tracy managed to get a couple of fall pictures. 

Jojo outside by the the harvest display.
Shyla very happy about sitting on pieces of straw.I’m Sure it feels good. She’s just mad cuz she didn’t get to see the Chihuahua movie.
Olivia’s birthday is in October, so she had some friends spend the night and went and saw the a Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Thank goodness I had to run the other kids around or else I may have had to go to the movie. Tracy said it is her new favorite movie (not). 
Kassie, Jo, Jake Olivia, Hailey, Meme ( I don’t know how to spell her full name or her nickname.)
Olivia with her big present, a real wood doll house that dad had to put together. Good times. Rumor has it she wanted it so that her hamster could have a place to “hang”. She wanted to see if he could go up the stairs. I smell a video blog in the making.
OK, I had to put this picture in here because of the sign. Let me explain. It is a Godfrey tradition that on your birthday you have your picture taken with the birthday sign. This has been a tradition for a long long time, I think at least 8 years. So imagine, 6-8 birthdays a year for the past 8 years, that is about 55-60 times that sign has been put up and taken down. It is very tattered, much like a well used American flag. So Tracy and I get a kick out if it every time she puts it up. It is our own little inside joke. Now you are in the inner circle. Aren’t you special?

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