The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

Less than 8 equals a date! 2

There is a that happens in large families. This occurs when 2 or more of the kids disappear. Now I don’t mean David Copperfield disappear, I mean they are spending the night with friends. This Friday 1/2 kids were with friends. For those of you a little slow on math, that means we only had 4 kids. That means we are going out to eat!!! So we did and we had a great dinner. And a great breakfast the next morning with waffles, sausage and eggs. Breakfast is dad’s fav, so we go all out as you have seen in the past. It is so quiet and peaceful, it is almost as if we don’t have any kids at all, especially when 2 of those gone are Ben and Jeremy. 

Breakfast for four please!!
 It is amazing how easy it is to go from 8 to 6 or 4 or anything. On the way up from 2 to 4 to 6 to 8, now that wasn’t easy. However, we have often said that once you get past 4, you really don’t notice that much of a difference. I have talked to others with large families and they say the same thing. So, I don’t have a lot of pictures pre-digital to share, basically because I am too lazy to spend the time scanning them, so here is a bit of our chronology as a family.
Pre-marriage, pre-kids, pre hair loss!!! Ahh, the good old days. Like the stache? Don’t be haters.
This is with four. I couldn’t find a digital with just Dorian and Alli. This was in Kodiak, Dorian, Alli, Jeremy and Olivia.
Livy always looked so happy as a baby. 
My first attempt at a Christmas card in Kodiak. 
A Y2K Christmas in Eagle River. We made it through the dreaded Y2K and celebrated with a 12 ft. tree.
Christmas in Eagle River with Dorian, Alli, Jeremy, Olivia, Kassie and Ben.
Everyone except for Jo-Jo in the front lawn of our first house in Soldotna.
 This was last Christmas with everyone.

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