The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

Quirky Common Comments 2

As I ponder the things that make a large family unique, so that I may share them with you, I thought of. Yes comments. I imagine when you are pregnant, people will approach you and ask to touch your belly, or ask how far along you are etc. etc. I know when I was on crutches ( one of the many times) or when I had my neck brace, people would always approach me and ask “what happened?” Or the more creative ones attempting to be funny would say ” he must have been a big dude!” or ” did you get the license plate?” Once I dried my tears of laughter, I would reply in my own special way. So that led me to this. Some of the most common approaches and their answers.  

1. Man, you sure have your hands full.  
 -Reply: Yep, and my house, my car, my ears…. ( too much effort on this one. They are just trying to be nice) 

2. Wow! Are they Twins?  
-Reply: Yep. Too much trouble to explain. I know it is a lie, but man after about the 687th time of explaining it we just gave up. Yep they are twins, amazing huh? Boy/ Girl Boy/ Girl Boy/Girl Boy/ Girl. One dark, one light, we can’t figure it out either! Try saying no to this question and it is a long long windy road to a long conversation with a stranger in the middle of the ______________ .( insert any place here. See question 3 for examples) 

3. Are they all yours? 
 -Reply: Nope, we cruise McDonald’s and pick up any kids we see loitering around and then bring them shopping with us. Why? Because as you can see there is nothing more enjoyable than taking 8 kids ______________ (insert answer here, suggestions;shopping: to the mall: out to eat: to Chuck E Cheese: to the bank: to the post office, you can go on and on) 
4. They are so well behaved. How do you do it? 
 -Reply: We beat them, then we laugh. Sometimes this one gets a funny look, but I still enjoy it, even if it cost me a punch from Tra. Proof of the beating! 

5. Is this a daycare?  
Reply- Nope, more of a nightcare. Have you ever heard of a daycare taking all their kids to Safeway? At 7 pm.? 

6. How do you like that van? Reply- I like it a lot. I had a dream as a high schooler to have a car that no one else had. I was thinking a Lamborghini, Ferrari something like that. Well, I have a car that very few people have, a 15 passenger 4-wheel drive van. Rock ON!!! Dreams do come true!!

 7. You must love dividend day. 
Reply- Yeh Baby!!!!!!
Dad’s dream car with some of his dream family. Mom and Jake are in the van, and Jo wasn’t born yet. I knew it was risky getting a car, err tank, err house on wheels with available seats. 

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