The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

Busy Weekend 2

It was a busy weekend to say the least. Friday was hunting day for the boys. We had a chance to go chase some spruce hens and did quite well. We saw a nice big black bear right in front of our car. Prior to that, we had a wolf on the side of the road, and as usual, we saw 3 or 4 moose and lots of birds. It was a fun morning of hunting, and as you can see the boys did well. 

That night was the dozen kids and dad night went into Saturday evening. The next day was church and then we helped some of our good friends move. They have 6 kids so they have a lot of “stuff”. It sure makes you feel your age. And for some reason I can never help anyone move without sacrificing a piece of my head. This move was no different. I gave blood, sweat ( too much according to some) and tears. Well, there wasn’t any tears, until they see what happened to their mirrors. ( sorry, sorry about the picture too, it is kind of disturbing)

                       Finally, fall is in the air and it is pretty out, so I took a couple shots from our deck. 

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