The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

And then there were 12! 2

This weekend I had the duty, nay, the pleasure of getting to watch an even dozen kids by myself overnight. Now for a 40 year old macho man, nothing says fun like an overnight babysit with kids from 3-14. Nothing beats it, not golfing, fishing, hunting, watching football, nothing. In all actuality it wasn’t that bad. The D kids have been to our house many times and they know the rules, at least most the rules. They learned some more of our rules this weekend. Probably the trickest part was the aftermath of breakfast, which you can see below. 

I decided to make our traditional waffles from scratch breakfast, which they seemed to like. I even threw in some eggs. However, I did not calculate properly the results of such a manuever. Oh, and now I am sure I am trouble for putting pictures of a messy kitchen in the blog, but Tracy had nothing to do with it, it was all me and I can guarantee you that after that it was clean ( at least to my standards) for the rest of the day. 

The night prior was easy as we had pizza, cinnamon rings, and RK treats, provided by Angie. 

And for some reason, when it is 40 degrees out, all the boys like to run around outside with their shirts off. They did have a blast in the fall leaves, but the leaves ended up all over the place, and I am convinced we will be finding them for the next week in beds, drawers, closets etc. as evidenced in the following video. The music is dedicated to my brother Gerad, as it is his all time favorite song.


Oh, and finally you ask, why I would take on such an endeavour; Fun, challenge, training, sacrifice? None of the above. The ladies had a women’s retreat to attend. The retreat was 6 miles down the road, at least that is what I was told. However, I did a little research on Google Earth and I found that there is precisely enough time for a day trip to Nordstrom’s in Anchorage and back. Have I been duped…….again?

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