The life and times of the Godfrey ten.

Is 8 really enough? ( Glenn YES!) (Tra well…. somedays) 2

Well I actually have time to write an entry today. I hope you enjoyed the videos. I only put ones up there that I enjoy so I hope you do as well. 

I want to address another common question we get. Did you plan on having 8 kids. The short answer, No. At least I didn’t. Tracy’s dream was to run and orphanage in Mexico, so I gave her the next best thing, a big family of native kids ( if you didn’t know I myself am a native kid). I guess I shouldn’t say “I gave her” I really think God gave us both. The way the story goes, we tried having kids for a few years without success. So we decided to adopt. We looked into a couple agencies and thought that there is no way we could afford that, so we went through the state. We were told it would probably be a few years for a baby. Well apparently in government language, a few years can be translated back to the Greek as meaning a couple of weeks! to us, a preference was given for Alaska Native Kids (ANK) to be placed in Alaska Native families (remember I am a native kid). Additionally, there were a lot of ANK waiting to be adopted and they just so happened to have a beautiful little girl ready for a family. Just like that, two weeks later, not two years, two WEEKS we had our first baby, Alexandra. That was a long process and a story for another time
A few months after that they had a fat little ANK, a little boy named Dorian who was actually a few weeks older than Alli, and he was ready for a home. So in the matter of a few months ( I don’t give time frame specifics because I am always wrong and then corrected by my lovely wife) we went from 0 kids to two 1 year olds.
From then on we were on speed dial. I went to the Trooper Academy in 1996 and when I was there a co-workers of Tracy had a family member that had a baby she wanted to give up. Welcome Olivia, #3.
 Then when I was on a boat trip in 1997, Jeremy showed up at the house, hello #4. At that time I thought we were done.
 Then in 1999 I was on a boat trip again and I got a phone call from Tracy, and she was pregnant. Hello little Ben#5. 
A couple years after that, while we were still in Kodiak, Dorian’s birth mom had a little girl and she needed a home. Now we were on #6 in case you lost count. 
We then moved back to Anchorage and then Soldotna when Dorian and Kassies birth mom had another baby that needed a home, little Jacob and he made #7. He was known for his hair when he was little. 
Again I thought we were done done done. Then a couple of years ago there was a little girl here in Soldotna that needed a home and so here we are with #8. 
She has not been adopted by us, but she has been with us for two years. Now I am sure we are done, just like I said with #4.
So here we are now, Tra and Glenn make 10. And now we are definitely done! ( I probably just jinxed myself)
2007 Family Picture.

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